Thursday, November 18, 2010

Atoma Diamond plates on Sale NOW!

Guys, it's been crazy busy lately and I'm just getting a chance to get my head above water to start posting some products. I've had these 140 grit Atoma plates sitting around for over a month now. Expect to be seeing a lot more activity in my Subforum!!

Charlie first recommended these Atoma 140 plates to me a while back (about a year ago) and I noticed them when I visited Tanaka Toishi, so I had some included in my last two stone orders (more about this later - I have a bewildering array of natural stones in house too, from very affordable to very exotic. If I don't have just what you want, let me know and I'll do my best to get it!)

Here in the USA the Atoma plates have been quite expensive and I saw an opportunity to get them here primarily for the American customers (and fellow knifenuts worldwide). While they are more expensive than the DMT plates, they certainly do have their place.

Charlie did point out to me that these 140 grit plates are more aggressive than the DMT XXC plates and their dot pattern allows for less stiction. Thank you, Charlie! I've recommended these lapping plates to those in that part of the world ( e.g., Australia) for a long time too. Now I can bring them to KF members at a reasonable price too.

My biggest objection to these has been their price. But I believe I have partially solved that problem.

For Knife Forum members, I'm selling them at the introductory price of not $110 each, but an incredible $99 each - with free shipping in the USA!!

For the replacement diamond surface plate, I'm selling this to Forum members at the introductory price of $80 each - also with free shipping!! Normally this is attached as a replacement to the aluminum base plate rather than buying the base plate when the diamonds eventually wear out.

Overseas orders will get a shipping price reduction comparable to the USA shipping charges.

Send me a PM on knifeforums for details and the discount or email me at 'ksskss at earthlink dot net' for details.

If anyone is interested in mounting the replacement plates to a variety of bases, I can offer this service as well.

PM or email me for details on overseas shipping and mounting options.

They are in house and ready to ship. If anyone is interested in other grits or custom modifications, just let me know. I'm pleased to add this product to my increasing line of products. Stay tuned for a LOT more announcements!


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